2022 Preparedness Challenge

Greetings Marines !!!

To celebrate Starfleet Medical’s department of Disaster Emergency Response and Preparedness, we are issuing the 2022 Preparedness Challenge.

Starfleet Medicals office of Disaster Emergency Response and Preparedness (DERP), We know the new initials are silly, but we hope to convey two things with that.

1) Many of the Academy courses have information applicable to real world, and you don’t need any previous real world skill set to use the Academy to learn something new. Just remember we are all cos/role playing in our different STARFLEET fields, so we never give out real medical advice.

2) Two, we all know and have seen and been through times when our world went ‘DERP’ on us, and we encourage you to DERP back.

During the next six weeks, we will be spotlighting seven of Starfleet Academies moodle courses we feel bring the most awareness to being ready and prepared for emergencies, both great and small. Anyone completing these seven courses either during the challenge, or at any time before, will earn Starfleet Medicals DERP certificate of Preparedness Awareness. We have also adjusted our weeks to coincide with Medicals Step Challenge weeks.

Week 1, Sept 1- 9, IPSS COSS PTS 101 (Preparing to Survive)

Week 2, Sept 10 -16, IOMA CEMS 102a ( Basic First Aid Pt 1)

Week 3, Sept 17 – 23, IOMA CEMS 102b and 102c ( Basic First Aid Pt 2 & Part 3)

Week 4, Sept 24 – 30, IOSTS CSO 103 (Rescue and Evacuation Operations)

Week 5, Oct 1 – 8, IPSS COSS PTS 102a (Fire Safety Studies 1)

Week 6, Oct 9 – 15, IPSS COSS PTS 102b ( Fire Safety Studies 2)

All participants please send your certificate for the course as proof of completion to both sfmedical.training@gmail.com and SFI.DERP@gmail.com

Thank you for being such awesome people, and we look forward to seeing you complete our preparedness awareness challenge.

MCPT Kal Meltos

lead, Starfleet Medical DERP

CMO, USS Gorkon, R1