Tribble Containment Protocols

It’s now time for the TRIBBLE CHALLENGE!

Starfleet Medical’s department of Disaster Emergency Response & Preparedness, in conjunction with Starfleet Petfleet, are working to stop the epidemic of Tribble incursions onto Starfleet Vessels. They get in all your systems, cause havoc, and if you can’t get to a star base in time for an emergency Baryon Sweep, you may lose your ship and all hands. Nobody wants that!

Complete these two courses in Starfleet Academy (SFA), at any time before 202305.31:

Institute of Alien Studies (IOAS) > College of Xeno Studies > Animals in Star Trek > FXZ 107 – The Truth About Tribble ( this one is also part of Petfleets own challenge this month, so double dip ! )

Institute of Medical Arts (IOMA) > College of Veterinary Medicine > COVM 101 – Introduction to Veterinary Medicine

Fill in this form attaching proof of both courses taken.

As soon as DERP & Petfleet verify, you and your pet shall be Tribble Containment Trained.

Your jointly,

Maj Kal Meltos

Chair, DERP

CMDR Randy Mitson

Director, Petfleet