50th Anniversary Jacket

Again, with our 50th coming up, thought having a special jacket for members to mnark the occasion!

This I’ve put out there before, but came up wth this concept to commemorate our 50th. Mostly self explanatory, but here are the bullets!

*MA-1 Bomber JAcket in the non-military color of MAROON! A replica made by Rothco. They have 2 versions” the standard military isse, and a lightweight version; about $55 & $35. I hope we can do this as I like that SFI could be known by the color…”Monster Maroon”! No matter where we go, folks will get to know us by the color and what we do as an organization

*On the back is a large embroidered patch of the 50th anniversary logo. It could be sewn on or attached with velcro. With the velcro option, the patch can be removed and the regular SFI logo attached and/or other special occasion patches applied.

*On the front left chest, is “Starfleet” in mirror gold (and with the delta replacing the “A”. Under is “1974 2024”, with the 50th anniversary delta in between. Above the chest printing is worn the badge of the era ship the member is on.

*On the right collar is worn the officer rank, using ”Ensign/2nd Lieutenant” bars in a way the is another form of the rank bands worn on the TOS/SNW cuffs (worn laterally, NOT vertically). Also worn on the small pocket on the front of the sleeve zipper pocket

*On the right shoulder and left sleeve are worn the Flag Officer rank pins. Like the Officer pins, they’re arranged in the same way and progression as with the rank braid.

*Patches –

Ship’s patch worn above the left sleeve pocket.

The Region patch is worn on the upper right sleeve.

The flag patch of the country the ship is based is worn under the Region patch.

*Department Color Band – A band of the department color (metallic) worn just under the left sleeve pocket. The metallic is worn on a wider band of white relector fabric (night time safety). And keep in mind that the MA-! jacket is reversible to show neon orange. Its used so that if lost in the wild, the wearer can be better seen and thus, rescued.

*SFI Name Badge – Worn on right chest…or your ship’s name badge as available.

There’s much more, but this is basically it.Initial impressions? Questions?😁