Announcement from the DPO office regarding SFDPP recertification:

Thank you! I have also posted this to the ES FB group. If people have
questions or issues regarding the courses, they can contact me if
appropriate. I have already had a couple of R1 chapters get their quals
in order and expect to see more before all is said and done.

Also, just to make everyone aware, we are finalizing a temporary tweak
to the current SFDPP manual, and already have some notes for things we
want to put in the upcoming revision. Part of the revision this time
will also revise the system, where 101 and 102 will be one long course,
to avoid the problems of people who do not realize they have to take
both. All of this will be ready for January, so we can start the new
recertification cycle. We really hope that the changes we are making
will make the whole process even simpler for everyone.

The SFDPP recertification will be closed on July 1st 2023 until January
1st 2024.  This will allow the academy team some time to do major
revisions, and get a lot more members on the same testing cycle.

As long as a member has completed the course “SFDPP 2022-2023 Data
Protection Recertification” they will be considered current, regardless
of their expiration date, until January.

If a member took SFDPP 101 and 102 between July 1st 2022 and December
31st 2022 they will not have to re-certify at the one year mark as we
normally do.  They will be covered and not have to take the
Recertification until January.

If your current certification expires on or before June 30th 2023, you
will need to take the recertification exam as soon as possible or risk
expiry of your certification, which will cause your elevated database
access to be revoked when that happens.

If you are unsure when your SFDPP recertification was last completed,
please check the database as soon as possible to ensure you have credit
for SFDPP 2022-2023 Data Protection Recertification. If you do not have
the credit, please take the exam before June 30th 2023.

Thank you,

Office of  Data Protection
Erin Poole, TJ Allen, Eilidh Montgomery, Bran Stimpson