Step Challenge

We have been challenged to a step contest.

Good morning all!

Thanks to some inspiration from both RC of R20 Richard Sams, Eric Johannson and Kevin Plummer, STARFLEET Medical is proud to announce a Fleet wide activity challenge, pitting all of the Regions in SFI against each other! For the entire month of June, let us see how many steps (easily trackable on smart watches or phones) each Region can manage to accumulate.

The Region with the most steps at the end of the day will win a certificate, and if I am able to manage it (as in keep track of things) I will also award a certificate to the individual who manages the most steps overall! This is a great way to provide all of you an opportunity to try and ramp up your fitness – just think of those summer bods… you know you want to take part 😉

Every Monday I would ask everyone in the Region to send your step total for the weeks to your ASG in your Region.Region 5 – Richard BonhamEach ship please put this on your Facebook Pages and have your crew send step totals to your Captain and we will get Richards emails to all Captain’s.The weeks are being split into the following brackets: Week 1: 1st – 6th June

Week 2: 7th – 13th June

Week 3: 14th – 20th June

Week 4: 21st – 30th June

This is not a STARFLEET Medical challenge only – we would love everyone in the entire fleet to get involved! If this challenge is a success, you can look forward to seeing more of these challenges from SF Medical in the future 😊 I would be grateful if RC’s could copy/share this on their Regional pages so as many people as possible have the opportunity to get involved, thank you!


Lt. Commander Pip Slack

Deputy Surgeon General STARFLEET Medical.

Email your step count to