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Step Challenge Results

Region 5 came in second place.

So here is the final numbers for the walking challange. Region 5 came in second and over half of the total is us alone. Good job guys. I also would like to announce how well the Regions in totality did, and again huge congratulations to all of the Regions and their crew that took part!!

Region 1: 1,539,622 steps

Region 2: 798,188 steps

Region 3: 1,466,141 steps

Region 4: 557,980 steps

Region 5: 4,027,128 steps

Region 7: 1,080,021 steps

Region 8: 2,195,389 steps

Region 9: 1,393,040 steps

Region 11: 220, 896 steps

Region 12: 932, 535 steps

Region 13: 2,173,687 steps

Region 17: 538,023 steps

Region 20: 11,288,430 steps

Huge congratulations once more from all of STARFLEET Medical Command in taking part and achieving what all of you did! Just think how much fitter you might all be after taking part in the last month… it’s awesome!! Certificates can be found on the main SF Medical page, and will also be distributed by ASG’s or your Representative.


Lt. Cmdr Pip Slack

Deputy Surgeon General