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USS Thermopylae

“We are the USS Thermopylae, an correspondence and more chapter of STARFLEET that primarily works out of Facebook and email. We’re big on doing all sorts of activities; we have multiple Online gaming clans, we do parity watch parties of everything from Thematic shows to sporting events, we have multiple vectors for live chatting and even a multithematic Facebook Messenger group! Feel free to contact us. COURAGE IS MANDATORY TO BE A SPARTAN.WILL YOU TAKE THE FIRST STEP ON A LIFE-LONG JOURNEY?”

“Inheritors of the title of “Spartan” in the Star Trek future.

Marine, Starfleet Special Operations, and FLEET security forces.

Molon labe!”

NCC 74703
Region 5

Kingston , WA 98346

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Our support site. https://orion.support

Our voice mail system–1-866-537-6066 x805.