Step Challenge

From: Hector Gutierrez <>Date: Thu, Jan 5, 2023 at 4:00 AMSubject: Step challenge for 2023To: Vi Curtis <> Good day, With the change in leadership no new officers for 2023. To carry on the tradition it was recommended each region ASG sponsor the challenge on our own. ENS Arlene Henriques thought as ship counselor for USS Antares. … Read more

2022 Preparedness Challenge

Greetings Marines !!! To celebrate Starfleet Medical’s department of Disaster Emergency Response and Preparedness, we are issuing the 2022 Preparedness Challenge. Starfleet Medicals office of Disaster Emergency Response and Preparedness (DERP), We know the new initials are silly, but we hope to convey two things with that. 1) Many of the Academy courses have information … Read more


Greetings fleet. Just a reminder that voting for the CS teams will begin on September 1, 2022 and run thru November 15, 2022. I encourage you all to pass the word. If you are a CO please inform your crew members about the CS election. Platforms of the candidates are in the latest version of … Read more

QM Items

What would you like to see become available in the QM store? Contact us with yur suggestions.

Summit and Muster

Attention All!!! Region 5 Summit! June 4th,1pm BBQ and Awards! We on the U.S.S. H. Lamarr are hosting Summit as a Backyard BBQ! Hamburgers and Hot Dogs provided as well as paper goods. Bring a side, a chair, and other meat as wanted! Can’t come due to things? Join us on ZOOM! For physical address … Read more