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Step Challenge Results

Region 5 came in second place. So here is the final numbers for the walking challange. Region 5 came in second and over half of the total is us alone. Good job guys. I also would like to announce how well the Regions in totality did, and again huge congratulations to all of the Regions […]

Previous Regional Coordinators

1978 – 1983 Captain David 1983 Captain Douglass 1983 – 1984 Rear Admiral Eric 1984 – 1985 Rear Admiral Michael 1985 – 1986 Rear Admiral Sheila 1987 – 1988 Commodore Thomas 1988 – 1989 Commodore J. Scott 1989 – 1995 Commodore Robert Hilton 1995 – 1996 Fleet Captain Allyson Dyar 1999 – 1997 Fleet Captain […]

Step Challenge

We have been challenged to a step contest. Good morning all! Thanks to some inspiration from both RC of R20 Richard Sams, Eric Johannson and Kevin Plummer, STARFLEET Medical is proud to announce a Fleet wide activity challenge, pitting all of the Regions in SFI against each other! For the entire month of June, let […]