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Summit and Muster

Attention All!!! Region 5 Summit! June 4th,1pm BBQ and Awards! We on the U.S.S. H. Lamarr are hosting Summit as a Backyard BBQ! Hamburgers and Hot Dogs provided as well as paper goods. Bring a side, a chair, and other meat as wanted! Can’t come due to things? Join us on ZOOM! For physical address … Read more

SFMC Reading Challenge 2022

SFMC READING CHALLENGEOVERVIEW The SFMC Reading Challenge is a program designed to encourage and promote extracurricular reading among Marines of all ages, from cadets to adults. To participate, all you have to do is read! The Challenge usually runs from International Conference to International Conference. During that year-long time frame, read all that you can, … Read more

Step Challenge Results

Region 5 came in second place. So here is the final numbers for the walking challange. Region 5 came in second and over half of the total is us alone. Good job guys. I also would like to announce how well the Regions in totality did, and again huge congratulations to all of the Regions … Read more